Originally posted on may 5th 2011.

In the wake of Michael Ignatieff’s sad resignation, names are already being bruited about as to who might succeed him.  These include Dominic Leblanc  from the Maritimes, Ralph Goodale from Saskatchewan, Bob Rae from Toronto and a couple of  back-benchers from British Columbia.  With the possible exception of Rae, none of them are household names.

But there is a household name.  It’s Trudeau, Justin.  He is 40 years old and already has one session of parliament under his belt.  He shares his father’s underpinnings and general liberal philosophy.

If ever the Liberal party needed a bolt of lightning to regenerate what was once boastfully proclaimed “Canada’s natural governing party, it is now.  The only  one who might be able to create the cult of leadership that Canadians so crave is Justin Trudeau.  It will not be the likes of Bob Rae, or Denis Coderre, or Frank McKenna.

Is Justin  Trudeau up to it?  With a  young family, is it worth it?  Does he have what  his father had?  Will he be true to his father’s ideals?

By the time of the next federal election, four years hence, Justin Trudeau will be 44, at the height of his powers?  Should he throw his hat in the ring?

Is it Trudeau’s time?

What do you think?


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