Here is a post from Neil on elections

We are now in the home stretch of the Canadian.  We vote two weeks from today.

Do you detect a rising enthusiasm in the electorate as we approach the finish.  I must confess I  don’t.

Consider the debates.  Up there behind the podium were four dark suits, four tasteful ties, four grey beards, four middle-class white men.  No women, no ethnic groups represented.  Our only choice is to put another middle-aged white man in charge of our government.

Wouldn’t a woman candidate or a person of colour shake up that drab picture.

No major issue has emerged during the campaign unless it is Harper’s drive for a majority.

Is our election dull?  Compared to the Americans.

Remember their 2008 campaign.  Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin fighting it out for women, a man of colour emerging as the first black president in the United States.

Or consider the would-be candidates thinking about running for 2012.  Palin again, Michele Bachman, Trump and several others.

Why is there so much colour in American politics, so little in ours?

Is our election dull?

What do you think?

originally posted 18/04/2011

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