Catharine asks:

I can’t believe I watched a Blue Jays game with their magnificent win in the historic Yankee Stadium. ”

What is it about baseball that keeps us all fascinated? Even though it’s slower than football and hockey.

Here’s what Neil had to say about baseball his favorite sports in general.



Well they sure are for me.  Both passive and active.

The only active sport that I am still involved in is golf.  And I  must admit it’s idiosyncratic golf,  I only play nine holes and I don’t count.  At one stroke you remove all the stress.  Used to play goal for my high school hockey team but those days are long gone.

But I will sure be watching the rubber game of the Stanley Cup series between Detroit and Pittsburgh. Go Crosby.

I have also started watching baseball early this year.  My favourite teams are the Blue Jays,  the Red Sox and the Yankees in that order.   I find watching baseball enormously relaxing.  I know some people find it slow, about as exciting as watching paint dry.  But I find it a graceful ballet between the bases, filled with strategy.

Do you find sports relaxing, a good stress reliever?

Do you still play any active sports?

Will you be watching the Stanley Cup Final tonight?

Oh, I  almost forgot to mention golf and Tiger Woods.  Never miss him.

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