” Harper forgive us, we knew not what you did not know ”

A few days ago, a headline from the Calgary Herald made sensation throughout the country. With the Duffy scandal and the media not letting go, even Harper’s rally people got in to it.  What do you think is going to come out of this?

Read full article: click here

What’s your opinion?

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    Jan Morgan Says:

    What fun, Catharine! I was surprised that Andrew Coyne had written it, as he usually sticks to dry, well-argued points, and from a somewhat conservative view. This is a gem – the best commentary by far I’ve seen on the Duffy affair.
    Having followed the story over the past months, the fact that struck me particularly was Harper’s lawyer pointing out to him before Duffy was appointed that owning a $4000.00 property in a province you didn’t live in would not qualify you to sit as a senator from that province, according to law – and Harper went ahead anyway!

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