Here’s a preview of the article written by Tristin Hopper,National Post on august 28 2015

” Unlike most NDPers, he was offered a job with the Conservatives After Mulcair left provincial politics in 2007, he briefly considered an offer to become an environmental adviser to Stephen Harper. Despite Conservative claims that Mulcair turned them down over salary (he wanted $300,000, PMO spokesman Dimitri Soudas told Maclean’s), Mulcair said he turned them down because they refused to support the Kyoto accord.

He sang the praises of Margaret Thatcher “The best way for a government to create wealth is to leave the free market alone and get off the back of businessmen and businesswomen,” Mulcair, as a provincial Liberal, told the Quebec National Assembly in 2001. He praised the former Conservative prime minister for saving “England” from a government that had “gotten its nose into everything.” ”

To read the complete article : http://www.thestarphoenix.com/business/Does+leader+lean+right/11323865/story.html


What’s your opinion?

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    Such a bizarre attack. Won’t this just reassure centrist voters that the NDP are not an extreme left-wing, out-of-control socialist party?

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