Sympathy for Stephen Harper: Imagine that everyone you trusted had lied to you

Tuesday writing conversation: reading Andrew Coyne

The article “Sympathy for Stephen Harper: Imagine that everyone you trusted had lied to you” by Andrew Coyne that appeared in the National Post and the Montreal Gazette on August 19th has been read with much amusement. Peter Blaikie wrote to the Gazette “…the prime minister’s performance… reminds me of the fatal skewering of British Prime Minister Anthony Eden during the Suez Crisis of 1956 by Aneurin Bevan of the Labour Party. Of Egypt’s plan to nationalize the Suez Canal, leading to the absurd and soon-aborted invasion attempt, Bevan is reported to have said of Eden, “If he knew, he is too evil to be prime minister; if he did not know, he is too stupid.”

Read the article here.

And see Andrew Coyne’s latest broadside against Harper here.

Catharine writes: Andrew Coyne has done it again – have a read of yesterday’s article above. Here is a crucial paragraph:

….it has revealed about the culture inside the Prime Minister’s Office. It is noteworthy that, almost without exception, no one at any point raises any objection to what is going on: not the public deception, not the attempts to tamper with the audit, not the whitewashing of the committee report. The lies are so habitual, so instinctive, so much a part of the normal run of things that no one seems to think them even unusual, let alone unacceptable. It matters, in the end, because the things that should have mattered to them, like honesty and integrity, didn’t.

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