The election has been called for the 19th of October – today’s writing conversation looks back at a blog from Neil about Harper and parliament.


The morning Governor-General Michaelle Jean gave Stephen Harper permission to suspend Parliament until January 26. Was this a good decision? Or was it a bad decision?

In the short term, many will argue it is a good decision. It provides a “time-out” for the hot heads on every side to cool down. It will give the Harper government an opportunity to prepare a budget which will certainly contain a major stimulus package. As the Montreal Gazette says in its leader this morning, “this poisoned session of Parliament should be scrapped, and the parties can all begin anew in January.”

But in the longer term, this decision gives much concern. What this decision means is that Stephen Harper can now avoid the confidence vote (that he was sure to lose) and which he himself scheduled for this Monday. Surely no Governor-general should not be seen to be in the business of…

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