Tuesday writing conversation: election 2015. Here is a blog posting from 2008 about Harper by Neil


Prime Minister Harper has recklessly thrown Canada into an economic and constitutional crisis. Last week he sent out his finance minister, Jim Flaherty, to announce there would be no stimulus package before February, to take away the right to strike from public servants and to cut off the public subsidies for political parties.

It was like waving a red flag before three bulls. And this after Harper had indicated that he wanted this parliament to be more harmonious.

As the Globe and Mail writes in its leader this morning: “Mr. Harper has poisoned the well for this Parliament, and has contributed to the political destabilization of Canada during a great economic crisis. He’s proven himself a party leader, and not a very able one at that, at a time when the country needs a national leader.”

Let’s cut to the chase. Stephen Harper is a narow ideologue, he’s a bully…

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