Tuesday writing conversation: In The Stillness Dancing

A brand new edition of In The Stillness Dancing: The Journey of John Main is now available with a tribute by Mary McAleese, Irish President (1997-2011).

This book has reached a wide audience on both sides of the atlantic – 3500 copies were distributed by an American Episcopal book club and sold by a wide collection of ecumenical bookstores.

isdNeil worked on the book for two years at the height of his radio career – he left with a peak audience of 76,000 listeners to finish the book. In London while he was interviewing as many people as he could reach that had known father John, I sat in a small bedsit in Pimlico dropping pennies into the old telephone, trying to track down the scottish soldiers who had been with Father John in the secret intelligence agency tracking down german spies as the allied armies advanced. The whole thing was  an amazing adventure for the both us which also took us to Ireland for the first time. Discovering my own Irish heritage led to a whole transformation of my own inner landscape – and finally to the writing of the book Polly of Bridgewater Farm.

Catharine McKenty



  1. 1
    Marguerite Van Die Says:

    There is much wisdom in this fine biography, especially for readers interested in the practice of mediation. I’m pleased it has been reprinted!

  2. 2
    Catharine McKenty Says:

    Dear Marguerite,
    Thank you for your generous comment.I marvel at the way John Main’s teaching has traveled around the world and that this treasure belonging to all Christians and people of all religions is being brought to the forefront. I am especially interested that a number of schools in Ontario Catholic school system are now teaching about meditation to children as also is being done in Australia.
    I am also thrilled that the silent movie of my parent’s wedding will be available for the very first time since 1929 on the blog next Tuesday.

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