Tuesday Writing Conversation: My Aunt Ev

Click here first to hear Irish music as background.

Catharine writes:

My aunt Ev went to medical school in Edinburgh. Around this time she was received at the English court on the arm of Jamal, a handsome middle-eastern prince — there was a romance there until he was called back by his family.


Grannie Fleming thought her two younger daughters were leading a much-too social life, so she dragged them off to India with her along with Helen, Lloyd’s wife. This is a picture of the four of them up on the back of the elephant. The look on Aunt Ev’s face says ‘it was not my idea.’ There is also a picture of Evelyn looking quite miserable in a tent -the climate had triggered her Rheumatoid arthritis and she couldn’t wait to get back to England. One day she was staying at her favourite hotel, The Dorchester, and as she walked down along Hyde Park – a feeling like ten valiums came over her and she knew with complete certainty that she was going back to India as a doctor.

The hospital where she served latterly on the tea plantation was the only hospital for a million people. I always remember the story of a little bundle she found on the side of the road ‘- it was a small boy, ill, who had been left to die. She picked him up and carried him back to the hospital where he was brought back to health.

In California, at a clinic she went on a juice diet and the Rheumatoid Arthritis cleared out and never returned.

She lived to be 96.


  1. 1
    Joanne Nicholls Says:

    I am going to guess at the picture…

    Aunt Ags, Granny, Aunt Ev and Aunt Helen? Is that correct?

  2. 2
    bluemoosebicycle Says:

    Catharine writes:
    Right on Joanne! That picture represents an historic moment in our family and a turning point for Aunt Ev.

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