Tuesday Writing Conversation: What’s your own experience of writing?

What’s your own experience of writing?

The writing conversation was started by a question from a 15 year old student from Northern Ireland. She asked a great question: ‘What I want to know is – how do you get what is in your head down on paper?’

Today’s writing conversation entry below was inspired by a conversation I overheard among the servers in the dining room.

Some months ago, I watched a group of young people, mostly students, standing around and discussing animatedly. Suddenly I heard one of them say in a loud voice “Creativity has no limits!” How interesting I thought. Is this true for most of us? Do we limit ourselves unintentionally? Do we allow circumstances to dictate some limits? Is there a life force of creativity available that we don’t always tap into?

Have you experienced moments that surprised you? Are there particular circumstances, good or bad, that effect your creativity?

What mode of expression appeals to you? Art, music, writing, or snowboarding. I was fascinated to see the individuality shown by the snowboarders at the last winter Olympics. Are there new forms of creativity emerging?

I was also amazed to see the variety of books on display as I walked through Barnes and Noble. And stunned to see the variety of options offered to me as I scrolled through their Nook reader. With all the possbilities, simple focus is one important element of creativity that I am going to have to pay attention to. Having a pen in my hand as I write is a help to me but surely not to others.

What helps you focus on creative work?

Catharine McKenty


On another note:

The place that made us fall for the laurentions now has a new website: laurentianlodgeclub.com

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