Happy 2015. Here is blog from Neil in 2012


This year Canadians were asked what resolutions they really wanted to commit to:

Lose weight 26 per cent; Save more money 16 per cent; Have a better sex life 12 per cent; Be nicer to friends and family 10 per cent;  Get a better job 9 per cent; None.  I’m not making resolutions 27 per cent.  What about socially conscious resolutions: Choose organic meat or eggs the next time you shop.  Just one time and already you are  healthier, the animals are happier and the environment is cleaner.  Or turn down the thermostat and throw an extra layer on to compensate.  You’ve saved money, fought climate change and made Grandma happy because you’re wearing the sweater she made.

Do you plan any New Year’s resolutions?

Do New Year’s resolutions make any sense?

What do you think?

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