Plains of Abraham

Catharine writes:

On one of our frequent visits to Quebec City, Neil and I spent a couple of hours in the gorgeous Musée National des Beaux-Arts right there one the Plains of Abraham. We were discussing plans for lunch at one of our favourite restaurants nearby.
A small boy, aged 9, came up to us, and said clearly and firmly, ‘Mr. McKenty, I recognise your voice waves, may I introduce my parents?”.

Details of the conversation that followed are gone from memory.  But I remember the tone and inflection of that boy’s voice as if it were yesterday. Neil was exactly that age when he won his first oratorical contest in his home village of Hastings, Ontario. You’ll see the story that Neil wrote for that in the new book about Neil that is coming out soon.


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    laurie Says:

    Hi! I am looking forward to buying the new book about Neil McKenty. What is the title of the book and when will it be published?

  2. Hi Laurie,
    The book is called ‘Neil McKenty LIVE: The Lines Are Still Blazing’ and it will be published in November and will be available for Christmas. We will put up a link on this blog when it is ready.

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