A blog posting from 2012 which got a big response!


Today is the  first day of Quebec-Tobacco-Free Week.  As of now fewer Quebeckers are trying to quit smoking.  And get this:  28 Quebeckers a day die from smoking.

Now consider the world scene: six  trillion cigarettes are sold a year  – an all-time high.  Six  million people die each year from smoking – more than from AIDS, malaria and traffic accidents combined.

Professor Robert Proctor is coming out with a new book in which he advocates banning cigarettes.  Education he says is not enough.  “Tobacco control policy too often centres on educating the public, when it should be focused on fixing or eliminating the product.

Professor Proctor wants two things to ha ppen right away: the nicotine in cigarettes should be limited to a level at which they would cease to be addictive.  Smokers who want to quit would find it easier to do so.

Secondly, regulators should require that cigarette…

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