Neil and radio

Details of the forthcoming book will be released soon. In the meantime, to whet the appetite:

CJAD tribute to Neil

Neil McKenty


He’s got the whole town talking – and no wonder! His EXCHANGE with listeners is always lively and informed. Neil’s nightly editorials are formidable and thought provoking.

Neil was a seasoned academic and author before he became a broadcaster. He brought to CJAD an M.A. in Canadian History from the University of Toronto and an M.A. in Communications Arts from the University of Michigan.

A political writer of stature, he is well known for his book, Mitch Hepbum, which won the University of British Columbia medal for the best political biography published in Canada in 1967.

Neil’s vast knowledge, his sensitivity to the issues and to people, and his sharp wit were deve loped as a teacher of Canadian History and English. He brings it together every day on CJAD.

Off the air, Neil loves to walk, explore Montreal on his bicycle and to talk to people.

His appetite for reading is enormous and he devours information.
You are just as likely to find him at Place des Arts or a rock
concert or dancing in a disco. Neil loves life and people.

Less known is Neil’s charitable work. He was Executive
Director of the Harry E. Foster charitable
foundation specializing in work with retarded children.
The Foundation worked with the NHL to
introduce floor hockey for the mentally-challenged in Canada
and Neil helped to get the Special Olympics organized.

Neil is always one of CJAD’s prime motivators in
Public Service projects. He and his wife Catherine always
find room to do a little bit more.

Neil has been Director of, Public Affairs at CJAD since 1972.

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