Here we reblog a post by Neil in 2009 about conflict in Gaza.


Suppose you are physically attacked. How should you respond? The law says your response will depend on the nature of the attack. If the attacker pushes you back, that is one thing. If the attacker uses a knife that is quite another. In other words, the force you use to defend yourself should be proportionate to the force used against you.

These principles apply to the violence in the Middle East between Israel and Gaza. Some context here. Gaza, heavily populated, is roughly half the area of Toronto, with a population closing in on 60 per cent of Toronto’s.

Israel said it began its aerial bombing of Gaza in retaliation for Gaza hurling rockets into southern Israel. After seven days of saturation bombing it is estimated the death toll in Gaza is approaching 500 and the number of injured is 2,000. A U.N. official estimates that nearly 25 per cent…

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