Memories of Neil

Here the second and final part of the text written by Neil for his very good friends Clare and John Hallward:


     It isn’t for a lack of trying. John Hallward and I have attended so many breakfast meeting in the last five years with groups wrestling with national unity, that we know more about muffins than we do about the distinct society.  So many scenarios have been brought up that ultimately the most practical thing to bring up is all the coffee you’ve drunk.  John was a big factor in raising a hundred thousand dollar to pay for advertisements all across the country to keep to country together.  We’re still at it. John has tried to build so many bridges to opposing groups that he should get an honorary doctorate in engineering.  All I can say is that when we meet yet again in the early dawn for more muffins and more coffee trying to save the country and John is still optimistic and ebullient, I take heart.  John’s optimism, in constitutional matters and many others, is infectious.

     Finally, on the subject of building a relationship, we all had more fun on the week-end some where in New York State at a place called Omega where Clare and John and Catharine and I attended a workshop entitled GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT based on a best-selling book for couples written by Harville Hendrix.  There was a varied group and all kinds of interesting sessions during the week-end but I really remember only two elements. The first occurred when the participants discovered the presenters had invited a writer from the National Inquirer to sit in and observe. That caused a flap that was diffused only by some very adept diplomacy.  The second, and by far the most important element, was that Catharine and I were spending the week-end with your very best friends.  Recently a Boston psychologist did a study on what make for happiness. He concluded that the most important ingredient, for happiness, is good friends. In that respect Catharine and I are especially happy and indeed blessed to have John and Clare as our dear friends.





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