Anti Homeless sidewalk

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Montreal and London (England)

In the last couple of days, I have been hearing a story in the media that confused me…It happen in Montréal and in London, England and I am sure in other cities. The appearance of the anti homeless sidewalks shocks almost everyone including your Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre who said, with a lot of conviction:

“I find it unacceptable because it sends the wrong message,” of devices installed along windows of a downtown store to keep homeless people away. “As long as I’m here it will be totally unacceptable — we can’t have that kind of society.” Mr. Coderre was then asked why it was okay for the city to play loud music in the Champ-de-Mars underground passageway to deter homeless people ? His response: “there’s a difference between urban architecture in public places and putting metal spikes on the sidewalk that can be a security risk.”

All the stories about the spikes sparked an outcry and they were removed Tuesday. A similar controversy erupted in London this week after they emerged in a wealthy neighbourhood.

In Quebec City, Québec solidaire MNA, Manon Massé, who represents the downtown riding of Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques where the store is located, called the installation of spikes a “barbarian tactic” because they relegate homeless people “to the level of undesirable animals. These people have a right to exist and to occupy the public space like you and me.”

– Do people have a right to life simply by reason of their humanity or citizenship ? … Shall we permit people to freeze to death in the winter, to starve, to die from the effects of a preventable disease, merely because they are poor, insane, or addicted to drugs ? In the long run, the ways in which our society responds to that fundamental question will determine far more than the plight of the homeless. It will define our civilization. – In the Hunger and Homelessness in America : A Survey of State Legislation (1989), citing Blasi, Litigation on Behalf of the Homeless : Systematic Approaches (1957)

What do you think about those anti homeless sidewalk ?

Do you think is a good thing that the Mayor ask for them to be remove ?

If you have a store or office with a sidewalk access did you ever think about this ?

What would you do, if your store or office had homeless people begging at your door ?

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