Good bye ! See you next year !!




I had to take a day to accept the defeat… But now I am just eager for next year to see how the Team are going to do. Every team have big lost, but for the Montreal Canadiens, that is the motivation. They always ending surprising not just the fan but all the others team. Even all the ”so called” Sport experts media, they almost always get it wrong.

Like after all games I like to read the articles of Jack Todd, in the Gazette. In the article published the day after the games, again I so approved the way he write and explain he opinion, like this part :

”In the infinitely complex mosaic of the 21st century city with its multitude of languages, religions, ethnicities and beliefs, the Canadiens remain the lingua franca of Montreal. We may not speak Pashtun, Urdu, Yoruba, Mandarin or even French and English — but we all speak Habs.

My Syrian neighbour across the street, burdened with the pain of his anguished homeland, found some distraction in the Canadiens’ quest. I know because we talked about it and because every time I glanced out the front window, I could see his big-screen TV tuned to the game. My Iranian communist friend, who pays slight attention to sports only during the World Cup, was watching it with his sons as I watched with mine.

Now the run is over — but what a run it was. It lit up a city, especially when the Canadiens took out the hated Boston Bruins. P.K. Subban and Carey Price, Dale Weise and Mike Weaver, Josh Gorges, Francis Bouillon and Alexei Emelin, Rene Bourque, Lars Eller, Brendan Gallagher and Dustin Tokarski, they were all part of almost every conversation for weeks. Thomas Vanek was a colossal disappointment, but almost everyone else made a solid contribution.”

And it is on this positive note that I am going to wait for the next year Hockey Season.


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