Montreal’s atmosphere



There is something in the air again tonight. The City is getting prepared for another hockey game between the Habs and the Rangers. The game is in New York and the fans there are getting really excited; people are preparing get together for the games, the bars are filling up their fridges, even the News media are talking about the frenzy you could feel in the air.

I have the same feeling about the Montrealers… I do sense a change in the overall atmosphere of the City. I don’t know if it is because the weather is getting nicer and nicer or that, after this long winter we experienced this year, we are having spring or the new mayor, Denis Coderre, is revealing himself to be quite surprising and, I would add, quite bold. Or maybe it is just that the Canadiens, with Ginette Reno singing the anthem, and that the Fans are enjoying themselves in this new hope for the Stanley cup since 1993. We have to remember that those two teams are part of the original six. All of us coming together to cheer a team that belongs to a City we all love, with her qualities and flaws is part of this joy. But the fact that we could all stand up and sing this bilingual national anthem together with no distinctions between language or culture is vital for all Montrealers. That is the Montreal I love.

Has Jack Todd writ in The Gazette of May 22, 2014:


”It is a very long way, mind you, to the Montreal of the 1960s and early 1970s, when St. James was Bay St., when the Canadiens ruled the hockey world and the Expos were Nos Amours when we could host a World’s Fair and an Olympics less than a decade apart. There are potholes to fill, wounds to heal, minorities to reassure, infrastructure to repair, a new Champlain Bridge to build — but it all starts with an attitude. 

A city is a state of mind. A collective act of the will. We decide to make our lives here, we get married here, raise children, grow old and die here. Our destinies intertwine with Montreal. Its mood is ours.”


I recommend you to go and read the full article by using the link below:


I am a fan of Montreal and the Habs, so I am getting prepare for tonight’s game.


Stephanie P.


Are you going to watch the game ?

Do you feel a change in the atmosphere of Montreal ?

What do you like the most about the City ?

What do you think make Montreal a great City ?


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