Hockey Night !!




Photograph by: Richard Wolowicz , Getty Images

Tomorrow will be the third game between the Canadiens and Rangers. Without Gary Price, who suffers an injury and won’t play for the rest of the season, I will confess that I am even more nervous about the outcome. I am sending all my positive energy to the players and crossing my fingers that they will be able to play with all the drive I know they can have.

I am going to put all my confidence in the coach, Michel Therrien who said :

“When we started the season, there were a lot of people not even putting us in the playoffs. Or, if they wanted to be polite, they’d give us the eighth spot. We caused a surprise to make the playoffs. We caused a surprise against the Tampa Bay Lightning to win in four, and we caused a bigger surprise to beat the Boston Bruins.”

“This is a group that believes in themselves, and we’re going to focus on one game and try to create a surprise for Thursday night again.”

So everybody together : GO HABS GO !!! GO HABS GO !!


Stephanie P.

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