The Hockey season

canadiens boston

I am guessing that every fan of the Canadiens of Montreal went ecstatic when they won the play-off  again the Boston’s Bruins.  I even find myself in front of the television, watching and shouting at the players. I was hoping for a win at every match. I was really happy that they finally won !!! And then the play-off against the New York’s Rangers…  I was expecting  the first game to be a little less, how could I say it nicely…disappointing, out of focus…

I will watch the second game and all the others off the play-off Canadiens VS Rangers and will continue cheering for my team !


Are you a fan of Hockey ?

What did you think about the goal from Boston that give them the win, in prolongation in game four (4) ?

What are the changes for the Canadiens to win against the Rangers ?

Do you think that the Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup, this year ?

Photos :

Stéphanie P.

Catharine writes :

Stephanie, my bilingual goddaughter is now taking charge of the entries to the blog including my own, along with Richard Rice’s input as Richard go to work on a short movie about Neil.

Great team work !

P.S. I was spellbund by the Habs’s team work in Boston, and Carey Price’s incredible saves ! Lets hope and keep cheering.


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