How important is success?

Do you measure yourself by success or failure? Does success change the way you see yourself? Does success change the way other people see you?

During the Olympics these questions are very present for the athletes, their families and their trainers. I love the two mothers who came to every skating event and admitted they were far more nervous than their children who were competing.

Neil wrote extensively about these questions in his memoir, The Inside Story, especially the difference the way he saw himself and the way other people saw him.


HE won his first plaudits by winning the local school’s oratorical contest at the age of nine, and went on from there.

His biography of Mitch Hepburn won a  prize for best biography in Canada’s Centennial Year.He would joke that he won because Pierre Berton wasn’t writing that year but nevertheless…

I was tickled pink when our book, Skiing Legends and the Laurentian Lodge Club, won the SKADA award at Vail, Colorado for best book of the year on skiing history. People from 14 countries belong to the Skiing History Association that gave that award. It’s a warm feeling to know other people are sharing your experience, somehow that expands your own consciousness, that link with other people.

So many people have commented on the way political boundaries have come down during the Olympics.

Does shared suffering have the same effect or is it a different experience all together?

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