Are you watching the Olympics?

It surprises me a little that people say they are not watching as they are not into sports.  I find the sheer human drama unfolding is a major factor that keeps me coming back. Last night I held my breath as the Russian dance pair performed with their whole country and the whole world watching. What a memorable achievement to perform under those pressures. If you are watching, what keeps you riveted?

I was also fascinated by the young women in the moguls competition – what a long way we’ve come. In the 1920’s, the women skiers were wearing woolen skirts down to their ankles (you can download pictures of them in the book skiing Legends and the Laurentian Lodge Club at, taken from 7 different archives. And what a moment for Canadians when Alec Bilodeau made Olympic history with 2 back-to-back gold medals. Do you have  a favourite Olympic moment – from this or past Olympics?

February 12th, 2014 note:

Riveting moments at the Olympics

Who will soon forget the emotion of the moments last night when the Russian couple knew they had won gold for their near-flawless long-dance programmes. So many elements went into that moment. A visible expansion of the human spirit.


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    Catharine McKenty Says:

    I am interested that you liked listening to Bruce Springsteen – does anyone else share that preference?
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