Sunday diary: from the Superbowl to maple syrup

Catharine writes:

I am going to be watching the Superbowl with great interest. Have heard that some players will spray their feet with underarm deodorant to keep their feet from freezing!
Do you have any tactic for protection from the cold? Neil and I took up cross-country skiing in desperation after our first Montreal winter. To my surprise it worked, thanks to the protective woods in the Laurentian mountains north of Montreal.

Last night I listened to the full 2 hours of Neil’s radio interview with Dr. Balfour Mount <click here to listen> . I had missed it at the time. The issue of pain is still a major one for many people – I hope this blog will help distribute the information that Balfour Mount, one of the leading world authorities on pain, shared with Neil and his listeners.

I have enjoyed the multimedia experience of reading the blog while listening to episodes of Exchange. I wonder what technological innovations are just around the corner? Will Google glasses or driverless cars transform our lives?


This blog is visited by many different people, for many different reasons. One of the most enduringly visited pages is one where Neil wondered about the difference between maple syrup and table syrup. I marvel that few people out here in Arizona seem keen on maple syrup for their pancakes.

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