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When I was working for Pace magazine I scanned half a dozen newspapers nearly every day looking for stories. There was a short article in the LA Times that a 16 year old was about to set sail around the world. By the time I got down to the port he had left, but someone kindly gave me the address of his aunt. She put me in touch with his parents, who were avocado farmers.

Robin’s father was a enthusiastic sailor himself and had taken the whole family sailing on many occasions. He figured out a way for me to correspond with Robin who would drop in various islands, such as Fiji, on his way to pick up his homework. You can imagine the excitement at Pace magazine when the first letter from out at sea arrived. One of the senior editors at Pace, Frank McGee, helped me polish the story for the next edition of the magazine.

To be continued.


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    That must be the story of Dove. I read it as a young man and still have a copy on my bookshelf. I have always had a serious sense of adventure which eventually led to my hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and writing a novel loosely based on my experiences.

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    Bob Fleming Says:

    In the late 1960’s when I was editor of PACE magazine in Los Angeles, California, our senior researcher Catharine Turnbull McKenty proposed we produce a feature on Robin Lee Graham, 16, who was planning to sail around the world on his own. I gave her the go-ahead and our PACE story
    led to a commemorative book and the film DOVE produced by Hollywood star Gregory Peck.

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