Snowstorm shut-down of Atlanta

Did anyone catch the amazing story unfolding on Wednesday night on CNN?

In the midst of the complete snowstorm shut-down of Atlanta Georgia, Police Officer Tim Sheffield from Sandy Springs, Georgia comes up to a car stranded on the side of the icy interstate highway, says to the driver, ‘Are you alright?’ ‘No’ replies a man’s voice ‘we’re having a baby’ and sure enough there he is helping his wife deliver little baby Grace without anaesthetics or pain relievers right there in the midst of all the stalled traffic. “She’s a trooper” says the officer and pitches in to help little Grace arrive safely into this snowy world.

We saw hundreds of schoolchildren spending the night asleep on the floors of their schools in Atlanta, their frantic parents caught up in the biggest traffic jam you ever saw. Some of them for seven to fourteen hours.

One family took in 22 kids from their nearby school and 5 adults. Thousands of cars were left abandoned as their owners got out to try to walk in the icy cold. Some of the children were stranded in their schoolbuses for hours. The streets in Atlanta itself were apparently so icy that one family saw their son ice-skating right down the middle of their road.

Canadians can sympathise from our own experience with the ice storm from a few years ago.

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