Chris Christie, New Jersey and Bridge-gate

Have you been watching Chris Christie’s inauguration and the media coverage about him?

Christie was elected governor of New Jersey in 2009 and was widely seen as a possible presidential candidate in 2016.

Now he is embroiled in a controversy about using traffic on the George Washington bridge to punish politicians who did not support him. Do you believe him about the lane closures on the bridge? Do you think he is being treated fairly? Is it fair to use the word bridgegate about this event?

Can he still run for president?

How do you follow political news like this? Do you watch CNN? OR do you prefer Fox news? How much do you watch television?

Catharine McKenty


  1. 1
    Vin Smith Says:

    I am the exact opposite of today’s Republican Party. However, my politics have not changed since high school (I turn 70 this year).

    When the Democrats were obstructing social justice–mostly in the American South–with politicians like George Wallace (Alabama governor and presidential aspirant), Orville Faubus (Arkansas governor), and Lester Maddox (Georgia governor and chicken restauranteur), I registered as a Republican. Dwight David Eisenhower stood up to Faubus, and helped pave the way for early progress in the Civil Rights movement. Since then, the GOP has changed course–so have the Democrats. Today’s racist politicians are far more often than not practicing Republicans.

    What had given Chris Christie some non-partisan points was his seeming ability to reach across the aisles; his apparent level-headed approach to governance. He seemed to be a bridge to the past fairness of the Republican Party. Consider that when Ike won the presidency, we were removed by only about 87 years from Abraham Lincoln. In many ways, the GOP still had a few tendrils of that tolerant spirit that “celebrated the common man,” a major Lincoln theme. The bottom line? Many thought Christie was a genuine throwback.

    I would hazard a guess that fewer Americans–and the world–now think this. Christie has proven to be a bully; a standard issue scheming pol, unaware of what amounts to righteous governance. Were he to be successful in winning the American presidency, Chris Christie would be an unmitigated disaster–a potential tyrant of the first order. Bridgegate? An apt moniker. Christie joins the historic illegitimacy of a previous generation of politicians–with Richard Nixon perhaps the most visible.

    Are American politics often as corrupt as yesterday’s stinking fish? Absolutely! Don’t believe me? Here is a website that will argue that issue in favor of my humble pronouncement!

  2. 2
    Catharine McKenty Says:

    Glad you are still following the blog and thanks for your message from out there in California.

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