Writing conversation: Skiing Legends

Skiing Legends

News release: A brand-new edition of this book is now available from Amazon. com as a paper or ebook.
In 1972 my husband Neil had landed a job at CJAD radio in Montreal, considered one of the best AM stations in the country. With no car and one paycheque between us in the first month we explored our new city by bus. One bitter winter day we were waiting at a bus-stop in the east end out near the Olympic stadium with the wind howling down Sherbrooke street.
Little did we realise that some years later that experience would transform itself into our collaboration on a best-selling book about the early days of skiing in the Laurentians. – Skiing Legends and the Laurentian Lodge Club. To our amazement it won the SKADA award at Vail Colorado for the best book on skiing history in 2002.
Our big scoop was the discovery of the true story behind the creation of the very first rope tow in the world. Using the rear wheel of an old Dodge taxi. It changed skiing history forever.
Thanks to my Turnbull family members, Wally, Betty and Elisabeth and their light Message Publishing, of a brand new edition of this book is now available at Amazon – link to page.
Never in a million years did I expect to be involved int he writing fo a book. The manager of this unique ski club, about one hour north of Montreal, had asked me to update the history of the club. No big deal. All I had to do was talk to a few people, jot down some notes, and ~finito~ the job would be done!
Then I started hearing some of the tales, told by members of the club. Banty Reid was a stock broker on Wall Street during the depression. One snowy day, he was out driving with his girlfriend in the gneral area of the club. The road had just one lane open. Sure enough, there was car coming at considerable sped straight towards them. Both men jammed on the brakes, rallied some farmhands, lifted one of the cars beyond the other onto the road, then drove blithely on their way.
A friend of ours at the ski club, Sally Drummond, knew just about everyone in english-speaking Montreal. She started bugging her friends to send me their stories of the early days of skiing – they did sometimes on the back of an old envelope. Before I knew it I had collected 300 pages of oral history. Neil then turned it into a bestseller in his inimitable fashion.

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    Evelyn Says:

    I met a relative of yours yesterday and helped her out. She told me of your blog and asked me to leave a comment on it.

    How do I write? I just start writing whatever comes to mind on a specific topic.
    Eventually I decide what I want to keep and use and what I want to discard.

    No, I don’t blog. On rare occasions (this being one) I respond on a blog of
    a friend or relative. I have two relatives who have written and published books.
    They worked on them or several years or more before approaching a publisher.
    Did they get rejections with most publishers? Yes. They persisted and eventually
    found a publisher for their books.

    Wish all of you well in your writing and was happy to help out person in need


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