Remembrance Day

Listen to Remembrance Day discussed on Exchange.

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    Doug Knott Says:

    A tid-bit
    My father-in-law, George Mason, now passed on, 2002, was a young assistant to Mitch Hepburn when he was first elected to Ontario’s Parliament. I have inherited from him a copy of Neil’s biography about Hepburn – which I think Neil wrote while a Jesuit in order to get enough money to buy his own typewriter. Whether that’s a true story I don’t know. Be that as it may, George’s copy of the book has a yellow post-it-note inside the jacket which says: George. Came across this profile of a buddy of yours. Thought you might enjoy it. Cheers. Rod.
    Neither my wife nor I know who Rod is.
    Doug Knott
    Student of History teacher, Neil McKenty, a stickler for punctuality and a lifelong inspiration 1951-52.

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