Writing conversation

This is an example of one of my poems and a bit about the process of creating it. With other people around me, some older, some students……out came “What is Joy?”…………Sometimes before I sit down to write a poem, there is quiet and peaceful music: with a vocal, maybe just a piano, a violin or quiet drums playing. ……….I wait and ponder.

  1. For whom am I writing? Do I have a special audience? How old? Where do they live? where did they grow up?
  2. What might a person or two in my audience be experiencing right now?

Elizabeth Tremain

What is Joy?

Joy is a high

That cries out – Listen !

That insists on NOW !

That is emotion !

That says, “Feel me !”

That touches our body !

That moves within us !

Always joy speaks,

“Do not ignore me !”

“Do not pretend that I cannot be !”

Please sorrow, struggle, pain

Can be paths to much

That is emotion too.

So, here I am, here you are !

Humans all of us, who can

Meet the high that shouts


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