The writing conversation: a poem

Every Tuesday we try to put something on the blog about writing. This week we have a poem from Ireland.

Poem by Briege Maguire Ederney Co. Fermanagh
Aged 10


the sun will go down
While everyone is laid to rest
It is night
Sleep tight.

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    True, this is perhaps more prayer than poetry. Yet again Brother David is of the same lineage as Gerard Manley Hopkins and Rainer Maria Rilke. He helps us start to behold, to see —things that were always there but which, somehow, we did not see. He writes, “True poetry opens our eyes to what Robert Frost called ‘the pleasure of taking pains.’ And what is gratefulness, but this playful engagement with life as it unfolds in all its challenges and delights?” Brother David’s poem also catches the tension between opposites — between faithfulness without clinging, and remaining faithful in letting go. As Beatrice Bruteau has writ¬ten, “The interactions of the pairs characterize the vitality of the world,”16 and indeed, they characterize the life journey of this grounded wayfarer.

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