Who is the greatest Montrealer

Click below to hear ‘Who is the greatest Montrealer?’ discussed on Exchange. There is an array of characters recommended for this honour. A strong contender was Sid Stevens of Sun Youth, who gathered several votes from the listeners. Other contenders: Jean Drapeau; Don McGowan; Steven Olynyk, mayor of Greenfield Park; George Balcan; Dave van Horne, announcer of the Expos; Neil Mckenty himself nominated by several listeners; Ruth Pelletier; Terry Mosher – the cartoonist ‘Aislin’ – ‘best in north america’ says Neil; Mr Hanigan, president of the CTCUM; St. Mary’s oncology clinic; Eric Maldorf; Rev. William McCarthy, who ran the Old Brewery Mission; Bill Houghlan, of Pulse; Charles Dutoit of the MSO; Jack Finnegan; the vet Dr Baker; Arnold Bennett, campaigner for tenant rights; Reginald Groom of the Queen Elizabeth hotel; and many, many more.

Do you have memories of some of these Montrealers?

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