Canadian political post: John Diefenbaker recalled, with Colonel Pierre Sévigny, Ted Blackman, Rich Little, Bryce MacKasey, and Egan Chambers

Click below to hear John Diefenbaker discussed on Exchange. In this episode, Neil talks with several significant Canadians: such as Colonel Pierre Sévigny, a war hero who became Associate Defence Minister and who was involved in the Cold War scandal ‘The Munsinger Affair’; Rich Little, the Ottawa-born impressionist who. after success in Canada imitating Diefenbaker and others, went on to fame and citizenship in the USA; Montreal area MPs Egan Chambers and Bryce MacKasey (also the president of Air Canada, and famously was appointed as the ambassador to Portugal by John Turner, which led to Brian Mulroney’s comment about patronage ‘There’s no whore like an old whore’) ; and finally Neil talks to Montreal Gazette associate editor and CJAD sports supremo Ted Blackman.

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    Details of the forthcoming book – The Lines Are Still Blazing – will be released soon. In the meantime, to whet the appetite:

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