Writing conversation: Laurentian Lodge Club

In just a few weeks the Laurentian Lodge Club will start celebrating its 90th anniversary. Founded in 1923 by avid group of skiers, the club has attracted a fascinating variety of people of all ages and backgrounds. Best known among them of course is Jackrabbit Johannsen, who gave teenagers their first taste of speeding through the winter woods, while his daughter skied alongside with her baby son fast asleep, strapped securely on her back.

In 1997 the club manager at the time asked me if I would update the 40-page booklet written by Alan Turner-Bone on the club’s history.

Innocently I agreed, thinking it would take me two or three weeks at most, a few dates here, a story there. Little did I realise what was in store.

Two years later I had collected 300 pages of oral history. Neil took one look, said “this is the best source material I have ever seen”.

To be continued

Catharine McKenty

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