Who do you think will win the US Election?

Have you been following the American election? Who do you think will win? Obama or Romney?

Regular readers of this blog will know that Neil kept an eye on events in Washington. With the poor reception to Obama’s performance at the first debate, the outcome has become less predictable.  Who do you think will be the next american president – Obama or Romney? Vote on the poll below!

Catharine McKenty

Below are some excerpts from Neil’s blog postings that reflect on this election.

New’s year’s eve prediction

So in November, 2012, it will be Obama vs. Romney;  Obama will win a second term in a relatively close race.  Consider;  If Romney cannot get above 25 per cent support in his own party, how can he win a general election?  He won’t.  Obama wins going away. Oh yes, for the election Hillary and Joe Biden might well change places.

Dec 31, 2011

That leaves a relatively open road to the nomination for Romney.  He may not nail it down till he gets to the convention in Tampa but Romney has it in the bag.

That does not mean he will win the general election in November.  Far from it.  In the Iowa caucuses one key figure is often over-looked.  Seventy-five per cent of the Republican participants did not vote for Romney.  Imagine that.  Romney can only get one Republican in four to support him.  In other words, the Tea Party and the far right would sooner lose the election with a true blue conservative rather than a moderate like Romney whom they despise.

So Romney wins the nomination and Obama wins the election.

January 4, 2012


About a year ago Obama told Diane Sawyer that he would sooner be a one-term president than a mediocre two-term one.  Now the time to make that decision is at hand.  Obama has just come through 10 days from hell.  He signed off on the debt-crisis only to be savaged by his Liberal allies like the New York  Times who accused him of caving to the Tea Party.  Standard and Poor’s cut the U.S.  credit for the first time In history on Obama’s watch.  The markets tanked and there is no prospect of an economic recovery soon.

What is the problem?  I put it to you this way.  In his very DNA Obama is a conciliator, a compromiser  always seeking common ground.  But that is not how the GOP operates, especially the Tea Party.  They are absolutists.  For them, compromise is a dirty word.  It would seem that Obama does not negotiate well in that atmosphere.

So the question arises.  Is Obama temperamentally suited to be president in a context where conflict trumps compromise?

August 10, 2011

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    Vin Smith Says:

    …Americans have very short memories. When you think back to elections that were truly elections of change, you see the change came about immediately, while a current crisis was in full swing. Roosevelt in ’32, with the failed Hoover still presiding over a terrible depression–which was worldwide. Reagan in ’80, as Carter helmed a government that one famous wag called “Amateur NIght,” as the “Georgia White House” flailed about incompetently. Obama four years ago, when Americans realized the man they would most like to hoist a beer with at a barbecue was actually a lousy president, and his dopelganger, Ancient John McCain, spouted more of the same failed policies.

    Now we have a president in Barack Obama who would have as much chance as a pig sprouting wings to solve eight years of nonsense in but a single term. This time, the GOP has a better chance to pull the wool over the eyes of America–and the world–than they did four years ago when the scene of economic destruction was still fresh.

    When you consider that the U. S. is quite unsophisticated politically, a victory for the poster boy of “Speak With Forked Tongue,” Mitt Romney is quite likely. Gpd Help Us!

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