Radio Nostalgia

Click below to hear Radio Nostalgia, part 1. Check back next week for part 2.

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    Vin Smith Says:

    …I love it. In the sixties, I decided we needed some “Old Time Radio” on the station I was working at as Sales Manager/Program Director. A small, 250 Watt, day-timer. So I sold an advertising package to American Cyanamidto sponsor The Shadow. It was our most popular show of the week–we ran it on Saturday mornings. I recall every singleprogram that Neil mentioned. One of my favorite trips I ever took featured Don McNeil and the Breakfast Club, immediately followed by Arthur Godfrey on my car radio. I was traveling from Memphis, Tennessee to Frederick, Oklahoma on family business. Most of those programs I listened to in the late 40’s, because my babysitter, who was also our housekeeper, was hooked on them. One Man’s Family was also one of my favorite, along with Young Widder Brown. The Lone Ranger was so much better on radio than it was on early day television. I credit old time radio with helping to make me as a novelist. Once again, I think that Neil McKenty was one of the great voices of radio. I am reminded, not so much in style and content, but inother, almost indefinable ways, of a Chicago fellow who always ended his broadcasts this way. “Paul Harvey… Good Day!”

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