Travels with Neil

Every now and then Neil would begin to revert to a malaise of some sort. This mood signalled that it was time for someone to drum up a distraction for him, one of which was travel. It would help to allay the gloom and doom.

This time he chose his own way of helping himself, by deciding he wanted to go down to New Hampshire to see Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, for pete’s sake. So off we went on June 26, 2008 to Unity N.H. The gathering was due the next day. but today we wanted to scout the location for parking etc.

What we saw was a 15 classroom school in the middle of nowhere, really. Parking was in a farmer’s field. We had to drive to the next town to find a motel, it turned out it was the only motel In town. I was standing at the check-in counter with bated breath whilst listening to the sleezy owner explain that, yes he had one last room, – “but for Allah’s sake man. will you please hurry up and tell me that you do have a room with two single beds and that It’s not a double-bed room”. After all, the bathtub was too short for Neil and the floor too smelly for me. Luckily the owner met our needs.

Next day we drove back to Unity. There were thousands of people in the schoolyard. There was one Tea Party Nazi who sat a few seats down from us, was removed by the local constabulary, on orders from the Secret Service, for acting up. Neil mentioned later that the ousted man had a disgusting hate-filled face. Yep.

After the rally, Neil insisted that he wanted to shake Obama’s hand. Sure enough, after being wanded, he made his way through the mob and did the dutiful deed. There was a lady there taking photos of the local action. For some unknown reason she wanted to photograph Nell and me. She promised to send us copies. Sure enough they turned up In the mail a few months later. Here they are, and here we are, the darlings.


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