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A new poll, just out, has some revealing information about the relationship between our two countries.  Full y 92 per cent of Americans say they have a favourable view of Canada.  This compares to 72 per cent of Canadians who say they view the United States favourably.

When Americans were asked which country they viewed most favourably they chose Canada followed by Great Britain and Germany.  Canadians chose Australia and Great Britain , Germany, then the United States in third place.

Fifty-eight per cent of  Canadians said Canada should remain neutral when the U.S. has conflicts with other countries while 73 per cent of French-speaking correspondents said this country should not get involved.

Forty per cent of Americans said they agree that Canada has a better health system than the United States.

When it comes to proposing that the Canada-United States border be erased, only 22 per cent of Canadians and 16 per cent of Americans agreed.

If you are a Canadian, do you like Americans and would you move to the States if you could?

If you are an American, do you like Canadians and would you move to Canada if you could?

Do Canadians and Americans like each other?

What do you think?

  1. I like USAers individually but I would not move to the U.S. although I enjoy visiting south of New Jersey.

  2. I like Canada and Canadians. I can stay here in SW Florida and meet all sorts of Canadians anyway, especially at this time of year. I prefer to live on this side of the border. It is home.

  3. Neil McKenty Says:


    It’s great to have a comment from SW Florida. Makes it seem warmer here in the tail-end of the Montreal winter.

  4. Caleb Says:

    It is something I must find more information about, thank you for the blog post.

  5. Vin Smith Says:

    I actually attempted to move to Canada–Victoria, B. C., to be exact, in 1979. Just to start over after a horrific divorce. However, as a law abiding individual, when they told me at the proper office in Victoria that no country in the world was looking for ordinary people–and I was nearing my ten week limit–though I certainly could go back to the states–he suggested Seattle–and apply for landed immigrant status, then perhaps work toward citizenship (I would have gladly become a dual citizen of the U. S. and Canada–which I do not think the U. S. allows), that pretty much stopped the whole thing for me.

    I love the climate around Victoria B.C/Port Angeles, WA, so that is where I moved. Port Angeles. I can understand the words of the official who talked to me, in light of the thousands of American young men who fled to Canada to escape Vietnam. That had to be overload. On the other hand, we had Canadian ex-pats living in our neighborhood in Southern California in the 50′s and 60′s by the boatload. In fact, my parents rented to a marvelous couple from Ontario.

    Actually, I would like to see the borders erased, as long as Canada retained absolute autonomy over all of its territory. Allow qualified American and Canadian workers to work and live anywhere they would wish. That might not work too well for Canadians, as your country has sometimes been described as five countries trying to exist as one…

  6. Neil McKenty Says:


    Than k you for sharing your personal experience with Canada.

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