Strategies for living – Audio interview

Here the shoe is on the other foot, by way of Neil McKenty being the interviewee in lieu of being the interviewer. Neil is interviewed about his book The Inside Story by David McMillian of Shreveport, Louisiana for the program “Strategies for Living”.

Click below to hear Neil discuss his life, from childhood in Hastings through to being a Jesuit priest, to success as a broadcaster in a big city .. and how he recovered from depression with the help of his friend Jim (someone well-known to followers of this blog)  and was able to live a happier life.

He also discusses the future of the church, his biography of John Main, and more.

Neil would call his struggles with depression as ‘battling with Darth Vader’ – do any readers out there want to share their experiences with depression?

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    Vin Smith Says:

    …I might be interested in representing the estate of the late Neil McKenty, as the literary agent for his writings.  I have contributed a few items to his blog before his death.  I feel he was a very fine writer..    If this is something you would be interested in, let me know.   Vin

    Midnight Bookworm Agency and The Midnight Bookworm Family of Radio Shows works with writers and communicators to bring their message to vast untapped audiences. 

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