Driving with your mates

I remember with delight the first time I heard the programme below live on air. I was cheering the whole way through – it remains one of my favourites. I notice Neil’s ability to frame and reframe the question to keep it interesting.

No question about it – Neil was directionally challenged – as he used to say “I can have trouble finding my way out of a parking lot.

Not so long ago we were heading up north on the Laurentian boulevard on our way to good friends’ 50th wedding anniversary, myself firmly holding the map, “turn right at the crossroads ahead,” I say in deep syllables. So what happens? We veer sharply onto the left-hand fork.

Deep breath. Pore over the map. Find the next crossroad, and an hour later we are up on the dance-floor, having a ball.

How lucky we’ve been and all because we met on the dance-floor 40 years ago.

Catharine McKenty






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    Heidi Gulatee Says:

    Dear Catherine, I am so happy for you for the beautiful memories and for sharing them with us. I hope you are doing ok?

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