The Canadian Medical Journal has released a report that shows spaning makes children more aggressive and recommends that the federal government outlaw spanking. The report’s authors say “no study has ever found physical punishment to have as long-term positive effect.”

The researchers found that families that reduced their use of physical punishment saw a decline in aggression and anti-social behaviour in their children.

The report says th federal government should remove Section 43 from the Criminal Code, which allows physical punishment in certain circumstances.

Should the federal government ban spanking?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    I don’t know what “section 43” allows.
    But I don’t think that spanking or beating children has any good ending.
    I grew up at a time when spanking was a popular form of punishment, my parents never spanked us. I don’t know why. (We weren’t THAT good!)
    However, sensible parenting has “taken a hike” and there is a lot more battering going on. Parents under stress are taking it out on kids who are under stress.
    Kids need to get out of the house & run off some energy, and some of those parents need to do the same.
    Times are different. Society lacks civility. Many kids are out of control (just ask Guidance depts. at schools), so I think that there SHOULD BE a law against battering of any kind.
    Maybe the government can write compulsory parenting classes into law instead.

  2. 2
    sukhraj Says:

    I am just worried if the situation gets out of control if spanking is banned completely. After all that is not a proper solution to any such social problems.
    So…….., i think it can be limited!

  3. 3
    sukhraj Says:

    I understand that some tough situations can be sought out with peaceful means and they are definitely more affective.

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