I subscribe to the  view that we should say little but good about the dead.  But Whitney Houston was a very public figure and she played this to the hilt.

She even died (perhaps by her own hand) on a day honouring female singers of which she was one.  At one time or another she had been part of a dysfunctional marriage, was addicted to crack cocaine and was a chronic alocholic.  She spent the morning of her death drinking alcohol at the pool of her hotel.

Now we have just had a week of tributes to this diva who could not manage her own life.  The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, ordered the flags of his state lowered to half mast  in her honour.  Most Americans who give their lives for their country don’t get such a tribute.

Is Houston the sort of woman who should be help up as an example for younger people?  Example of what?

Would you consider Houston an icon for your daguthers?

Should the flags have been lowered for Houston?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    I think it was a nice gesture. Eyes of the world were on Newark NJ, and I think her family had a very nice funeral. (I watched a lot of it and have quite a bit to say about that, but that’s off the topic).
    I would not expect my grand daughter to emulate W.H.
    Her life has been an example of what NOT to do.
    She was a wonderfully talented person.
    In our lifetime, so many have died so young: Elvis, Janis Joplin, Curt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, to mention a few. All drug related it seems. No, not icons at all. Just talented, messed up people.

  2. 2
    Cate McB Says:

    Whitney Houston certainly belongs in the above list. And in that stratosphere, things happen ……..

    At the INCREDIBLE going home ceremony yesterday at the church, I think Kevin Costner said it all when he talked about her perpetual question: “Am I good enough?” As he said, it was the burden that made her great but caused her to stumble in the end …..

  3. 3

    I agree with Patti. It was a nice gesture. I would not have lowered flags, but I have no argument with those who did.

    I was not a fan of her voice or her songs, but that’s not a criticism, that’s just my taste. I don’t think of entertainers as icons at all. I don’t get the hero worship that goes with performing.

  4. 4
    jim Says:

    Whitney was very ill. I watched Diane Sawyer’s interview with her. It was really sad. Her eyes were saying ‘I’ll quit tomorrow’ – but she was thinking “Diane, please let me off the hook in this interview so I can get to tomorrow” Diane did so partly, having read Whitney correctly. Her job took her into a lifestyle not understood by her and not equipped to grapple with it. To ease the pain she took pacifiers and in the morning more pick-me-ups. And more, and more, and more. She didn’t know that with each pacifier her ‘stop-gap” lost some of its power, that is when the spiral began. I’ve seen that situation many, many times. See you later Whitney. May God bless.

  5. 5

    Now that we’ve had our remarks, I have to say a few words about the funeral, in case any of you watched it and saw what I did.
    Kevin Kostner, Clive, & Ricky and a few others made wonderful eulogies. When Kevin Costner left the dias, Rev. Jesse Jackson did not shake his hand. I think it was a deliberate snub-probably political. WH’s body guard had his few minutes of fame and shouldn’t have been allowed that much time. Cece Wyans sang beautifully, but her husband BB Wyans (sp?) sat his big self on the dias, his diamond ring sparkling and when he got up to preach, he invited all his relatives nephews etc on stage, for no reason…
    and went on to mispronounce many important names-i.e: the town where WH went to church recently, the Pastor’s name etc. What a buffoon…
    It was so obvious that some people were happy to be on camera. Who was the fat lady in the hat in the 1st row on the dias and why didn’t someone tell Dionne Warwick that Aretha Franklin was not there…she actually introduced her. Bobby Brown was a fool, for leaving the church, no matter what happened. (But we all knew that).
    I think that the family tried to have the most private tasteful, funeral possible and they only got hijacked a few times.
    It was 4 hours long and I didn’t see all of it, but curious to know what others thought about it.

  6. 6

    *ahem* NEIL!!! You okay? Give us a sign, old son…

  7. 7
    Heidi Gulatee Says:

    Janus, Littlepatti
    I called Neil and he is still recovering from the flu. He said he was still laying low.

  8. 8

    Thanks for the update,Heidi,I feel more relieved。

  9. 9

    Yes, thank you, Heidi.

    Get well soon, Neil, please!

  10. 10
    imagenmots Says:

    I was wondering to. Do get well and come back, Neil.
    Paul Costopoulos

  11. 11
    Tony Kondaks Says:

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  12. 12
    Tony Kondaks Says:

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  13. 13

    It’s been quiet a while since Neil has posted here. I hope he is well…and if you are reading this, Neil, I hope you aren’t in too much discomfort and that you get well soon!

    I was just thinking that just prior to Neil getting sick, he went on a cruise. How often it’s been that I’ve read in the media how whole boat loads of people on cruises get sick and I wonder whether there is any connection with Neil’s getting sick right after his cruise?

  14. 14
    Jim Says:

    Tony – Neil is still in the throes of getting rid of whatever. Jim

  15. 15
    Heidi Gulatee Says:

    Neil, if you read your blog, I hope that you get better each day. And as you can see everyone is thinking about you.

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