What is your take on the crisis in the Eurozone. Will it snuff out the signs of economic recovery – in Europe, and even in North America?


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    I don’t know much about drachmas or euros…but I do know me Taramasalata.

    It’s my favourite Greek dish.

    It is a hummous-like conconction of fish roe mixed with mashed potatoes and/or soggy bread, plus lemon. One smears it on good, fresh white country bread.

    I make a meal of it at a place in downtown Vancouver called “Stephos” for $4.95. I’ve been looking for good Tarama for ages, ever since a place my late Dad and I used to frequent on Decarie in St. Laurent. One of my favourite memories of my father was the two of us getting in the family car and driving from our home in St. Laurent to that Greek Restaurant and pigging out on Tarama. The place closed about 20 years ago and I’ve been searching for a comparably made Tarama ever since. I found it in Vancouver.

    So, sushi and Tarama are the two things I like most about Vancouver!

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    Neil,is everything okay ?

  3. 3

    I am not sure about this, because I don’t see the big picture.
    But my instinct is for the European union to cut Greece loose.
    That country has been running on fumes for years and there is a huge portion of the population who have been taking & not contributing anything. Of course it’s time to pay the piper and they are out in the street demonstrating and burning buildings.
    I recall a resident of Greece telling me how teachers in schools wouldn’t teach because then they would be hired by some parents to tutor and it was more lucrative. But they still held their government paid teaching jobs. They told me that it was a wide spread accepted “method” in Greece.

    It’s akin to people working “under the table” here, never paying taxes. It’s considered a part of life, but then, where’s the money to pay for medicare etc. that the scoflaws enjoy?
    In Quebec there are wide spread demonstrations today, by students because of tuition hikes…It would be nice if we could afford free tuition for everyone, but it isn’t possible. It’s that sense of entitlement, that P’s me off.

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