CAN you believe that artificial  contraception has now emerged a a key issue in American politics.  Not abortion.  Contraception for God’s sake.

It happened his way.  Thousands of non-Catholics work for Catholic institutions like hospitals and colleges.  The Obama administration says those non-Catholics  should have access in their healh care packages to free contraception.  Note that in this system no Catholic woman who does not want to practise birth control is forced to do so.   So where is the assault on conscience and  on religious liberty?

Further, wider access to birth control will reduce the number of abortions.  That should make the bishops happy.

Should birth control be a private matter or a public matter to be argued on the hustings?

Should Obama cave in to the Catholic bishops?

Should contraception be a political issue?


  1. 1

    Neil wrote: “wider access to birth control will reduc e the number of abortions. That should make the bishops happy.”

    That’s applying logic to the situation Neil – it doesn’t work that way.

    Once you come to realize that these bishops don’t care about the unborn nearly as much as they care about controlling the sexual lives (of mostly women of course!) it will all make sense.

    The bishops want to control your sex life – the number of abortions going up, be damned.

    Neil asked: “Should Obama cave in to the Catholicbishops?”

    Hell no!

    But in typical Obama (horrible prez) fashion he ~will~ cave in to these a**holes… Obama is spineless.

  2. 2

    Actually, Joe, if you read the latest news items on this, Obama did not cave…he accommodated.

    The trick was to find a way to provide the option without making it seem mandatory that those who object on religious grounds be the ones who pay for it, either directly or indirectly.

    Spineless? On the contrary, I think his spine works exceedingly well!

  3. 3

    I sit corrected on this one Janus… Obama did end up finding a decent accomodation. I’m fine with it.

    I wonder where his spine was when it came time to fill his election promises though… he’s gone after medical marijuana users when he promised not to. He has kept Guantanimo Bay open when he promised to close it. He has been disappointing on many fronts…

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Obama has just pulled an end run around some of his adversaries, including some to the Catholic bishops. Good for him.

  5. 5

    Joe, I don’t know anyone who thinks he runs the country all by himself. He’s got a hostile bunch in both houses. Only a dictator would be able to fulfill his campaign promises under those conditions.

    Let’s see what happens after this coming November…

  6. 6
    SUZANNE Says:

    So you would force people to pay for things they object to?

    This is why freedom is the only answer and statism is the first step to fascism.

  7. 7

    Honeycake, everyone already pays for things they object to. I, for instance, object to paying for Catholic schooling. But pay I do. So, in return, it wouldn’t hurt for you to pay for something for me.

  8. 8

    Catholics who would resist paying for contraception or any other procedure, should just quit paying taxes altogether. A close look at what taxes pay would horrify them! 🙂

  9. 9
    jim Says:

    a) The church cares most about just one issue and that is the number of Catholic adherants must be populated at all costs. Looking at the Catholic population today,they have done a good job.
    b) The average number of children per couple is about 2. The bishops are preaching that we can “do it” only for procreation purposes and not for jollies. That means that in a lifetime of marriage we may enjoy having a violent sexual excitement only twice. All the other times when we poke around, and at a times when we are not ready to have children, such as using “timing” around the menstrual cycle to avoid popping brats – we are sinning and double dip sinning if we use a condom. Can anyone think of a more ghoulish way to punish Catholics whilst the remainder of the world is humping away to the tune of “OH MY GOD”.
    Joe – You called Santorum a nut earlier this month in your retort to me. The rhetorical question to you is what do you think of his triple win lately, and to use the vernacular “How do you like them nuts”.

  10. 10

    Hi Jim, I never heard that sex was prohibited except for procreation, as part of the Catholic church beliefs.
    Neil: could you clarify that?

  11. 11
    imagenmots Says:

    Jim is right on sex for procreation purposes only and we were told as much in marriage preparation courses otherwise we were expected to live like brothers and sisters. Wonder the pharaos would have made of that?

  12. 12
    Barbara Says:

    What you learned about the purpose of sex in the Catholic Church is way out of line. Ignorance abounds, I guess, and you listened to the wrong people.

    Yes, officially, the Church teaches that each act of sex must be open to procreation. That precludes artificial means of birth control. But, realistically speaking, not every sex act can result in babymaking. It could be an infertile period, due to illness, sterility, age, etc. That does not mean one should refrain from sex under those conditions. Being open to procreation has more to do with willingness than with natural impediments, i.e. do nothing artificial to prevent birth. So-called natural birth control methods, such as the old rhythm method or abstinence during periods of fertility, since they do not involve anything beyond willpower and consent of both parties, are considered acceptable. The Church puts no impediment in the way of those past their procreative years or those rendered sterile from chemotherapy, for example, from marrying.

    That said, many, many Catholics believe in conscience that artificial birth control is not sinful and puts less stress on a marriage — pretty much what most people believe.

  13. 13

    Thanks Barbara. That makes sense.

  14. 14
    jim Says:

    Barbara wrote, and I excerpt…… “many Catholics believe in conscience that artificial birth control is not sinful”…If I were asked, I would suggest that those people should spell the name of their religion with a lower case “c”.

  15. 15

    One of the reasons that the Catholic churches are empty, is because we could not be “small c” believers, and switched to churches that did not condemn, for using birth control. The birth control issue is not the only reason, the hypocrisy, abuse, and pomp & pageantry, detracted from developing a relationship with God.

    Tonight we are going to a Christian Youth service, where great musicians (my husband included) are joining with youth singers and players, to encourage them in their musical efforts. There’s lots of modern gospel-rock music out there-(they don’t do “The Old Rugged Cross”) 🙂
    It’s wonderful to see young people embrace a lifestyle of hope. And of course these Rock Concerts, give the like-minded youth a chance to meet each other.
    A breath of fresh air!

  16. 16
    jim Says:

    littlepatti, you’re are right on!
    The pomp and pageantry has always bothered me as it contradicts the teachings in the bible, where we should pray quietly in our rooms, and not out loud in the synagogues or on the street corners.
    The future rests with the young and I’m afraid.

  17. 17

    Having “dissed” the Catholic church, I must say that one of my fond memories recently, was at St. Joseph’s Oratory,-Mtl. High mass, with the Mount Royal Boy’s choir singing and 5000 people from many religious beliefs, & languages (many tourists) gathered together and praying for the world. Very uplifting!

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