Every night there on the news, you can see the slaughter on the streets of Syria – its roads sloshed in blood.  And you can hear the pitiful cries for help to stop the carnage.  Yet by and large the West does nothing.

Oh some little things. The United States closed its embassy in Damascus.  Britian also recalled its envoy to Syria.  Canada?  Canada is standing pat amid the bloodshed.  Our ambassador is staying put.

The NDP says its time to recall our ambassador from Syria.

The Liberals say we should keep our embassy open because it plays a role in protecting Canadian lives.

Should the world, including Canada, stand idly by while Syria goes up in death and smoke?

Should the West consider military intervention to stop the slaughter?

Should Canada break diplomatic relations with Syria?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Jim Says:

    Canada should stay, if only to act as a pipeline (no pun intended) to the Western World. We did it before in Iran when we took in U.S hostages from the U.S Embassy.

  2. 2

    We should stay out of Syria. If the Syrians (or any other country being run by despots) want a change they have to go to the streets en masse and fight for their own freedom. If they die for the cause, so be it. Canadian blood has been spilled in too many countries, for causes that are untenable. Afghanistan…that country will go back to it’s old regimes in time. Baghdad, is already blowing itself up daily. Egypt is rioting against a soccer riot-FGS! We’ve meddled enough, in the name of democracy that they don’t want & don’t really understand.

    We have many concerns of our own. I would like to see our army in native towns in the north, building houses and digging wells. I would like to see money spent on our homeless, hungry children (here) & on education.

    If I sound fed-up with world “diplomacy”. Yes, I am!
    PS: Harper is in China making trade inroads. He should not comment on their government. There are enough Chinese people who have the numbers to change things if they want to. They are getting educated and demanding change…that’s how it’s done-from the inside-out!

  3. 3

    ditto jim’s comments (can’t say it any better).

    On another note, the Canadian version of the HuffingtonPost published my blog as their lead story on their front page this morning:

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Kudos, Tony, for your appearance in the Huffington Post Quebec. Also read your long letter in the Suburban.

  5. 5
    jack hayden Says:

    A letter I wrote and posted on YouTube for Pres. al-Assad Jan 31/ I also hand delivered it to the Syrian Consulate in Montreal Feb.1


  6. 6
    benny Says:

    You had the courage to say out loud what we’re all thinking-well done.

  7. 7
    jack hayden Says:

    To All the Young People of the World – Speak Up on Syria!!

    A week after I wrote my letter/video to Pres. al-Assad asking him to resign and let the people of Syria live in peace, I wrote another letter/video to “All the Young People of the World” asking them to join me in pressuring their own governments to do all they can to get Assad to leave.

    I posted this on YouTube as well.

    Feel free to share it with anyone you know.

    The more people speaking up, the faster change will happen.


  8. 8
    Heidi Gulatee Says:

    I am so glad that at your age you express things so clearly. I do not know you but I feel very comforted that there a teenagers like you.I agree with everything you say.Anyone can understand the meaning of your letter. Thank you for acting with courage.

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