Bernard Drainville, a heavyweight separatist told Le Devoir this week that the P.Q. could disappear.  He was visibly moved by the party’s current state of disintegration. But he likelihood that the PQ could be reduced to a small rump in the National Assembly is not beyond possibility in the party’s current dysfunctional state.

In addtion more polls suggest that an increasing number of Quebeckers – verging on a majority – are coming around to the idea this would be no big loss.

Behind Marois’s back is Gilles Duceppe holding the stiletto

This is the same Duceppe who has zero experience in government beyond running his own party with a tight fist, a tendency that would be bound to sew yet more dissension in the Parti Quebecois.

In the light of this and much more, it’s tempting to think that in just disappearing, the P.Q would be doing itself, alon with the rest of us, a blessed favour.

Could  the PQ disappear?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    Amusingly,Neil writes:

    “This is the same Duceppe who has zero experience in government beyond running his own party。。。”

    Gosh,what world leader does this describe before he was elected to run the world‘s most powerful country?And who since his election has demonstrated how his inexperience has contributed to his great failure while in office?

  2. 2

    If the PQ disappears that doesn’t mean that separatism will disappear which is stronger than ever.

  3. 3

    Federal SoCreds disappeared, why not the PQ?

    Progressive Conservatives disappeared. Anything’s possible…

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Ton y says separatism is stronger than ever. This is utter rubbish. A century from now Quebec will still be the most progressive province in Canada.

    As for Obama he is now coasting to a second term on blood shed by his benighted rivals. Crazy Gingrich will win S.C today in the clash of the clowns.

  5. 5

    Not to forget: The BLOC and the ADQ, the Reform, and the Liberals (nearly).
    Does anyone remember Union Nationale?
    The PQ are like a pack of Hyennas-I think the party is imploding but they will be replaced in some form or another- At least until the “old guard” like Parizeau & Landry & their ilk are 6ft under…not a moment too soon.

    I like Obama. I am disappointed with his showing, but I do have to give some points for inexperience and a really difficult “inheritance”. He will do better next time around. I agree with Neil-He will get another term. That Republican party-what a pitiful display! I would be ashamed and apologetic if I was an American. Although, we’ve had Boisclair, and Ignatieff, I shouldn’t talk! 🙂

  6. 6

    The extent to which separatism is “dead” is the extent to which Canada has allowed and accomodated Quebec’s violation of human rights (read: the hate law/race law Bill 101) and Quebec’s continued push towards special status (read: the continual push towards autonomy and more and more powers unto itself).

    This is NOT a country I am either proud of or want to continue to be a part of.

    If the only way to kill of separatism is to have de facto separatism, why have a country at all? At some point, Quebecers are going to wake up and say to themselves: “We are being given a pretend nation, a pretend country. Why not have the whole enchilada? We are being insulted by Canada by being told we are a nation when in fact we are not.”

    All of this appeasing being done towards Quebec will, ultimately, prove to be a stepping stone to real independence. You are all fooling yourselves by thinking that, through your appeasement to Quebec nationalists and separatists and human rights violations, that you are solving the problem. You are not. You are creating and adding to the problem.

    A country has to mean something. Having segregation, as we do in Quebec, and a culture and set of laws that promote xenophobia and one ethnic group over all others is a recipe for disaster that will, eventually, come home to roost.

  7. 7
    Jim Says:

    Tony – Why don’t you allow me to enjoy my misery?. Why don’t you enjoy the fact that you don’t have to pay income tax on dividends? Find something to put yourself back on track, such as going out on another date with you know who? For whom the bell tolls? It tolls for me. Want a project to occupy your time and mind? Investigate why the RCMP is out of control in BC. Have a nice day.

  8. 8
    Neil McKenty Says:

    So, Tony, you have just dealt yourself out of the most admired country in the world. Too bad. You rant on about the disadvantages of living in Quebec = one of the loveliest places in the universe. Come see how contended we are with our lot.

  9. 9

    We admit to being tiresome, the black sheep of the family. Hardly a day goes by in Quebec, that we don’t have some political crisis or another, but we don’t take ourselves so seriously.
    Tough times? We just came home from a glorious Greek/Italian dinner. The restaurants in the area were all packed to the hilt, and the sing-song sound of various languages was a delight.
    I agree with Neil “this is one of the loveliest places in the universe” and we will survive and prosper despite the differences.

    Canadians: We are a beautiful family. Every member has diverse needs and opinions. Sometimes the “head of the household” is right and sometimes (God forbid!)…wrong. Eh?

    Tony: Did you say, that …”this is not a country I want to be a part of”…?
    Are you going elsewhere? Bonne Chance.

  10. 10

    Neil writes:

    “You rant on about the disadvantages of living in Quebec = one of the loveliest places in the universe. Come see how contended we are with our lot.”

    With 500,000 anglos out of a population of 1.2 million who have left, no wonder there is no fight left in you. But I wouldn’t delude myself, Neil, by calling it “contentment”. Even today, some 37 years after Bill 101 was passed, overwhelming majorities of anglos and non-francophones are opposed to the bill. Indeed, even 60% of francophones are opposed to the key measure of Bill 101 — the language of education provisions — and that is a good sign.

  11. 11

    Anglos have adapted. We are sending our children to French schools, and English/French emmersion and they are graduating perfectly bilingual. The French families are now fighting for the right for their children to learn English earlier also, because it is, after all, the International language.
    However, over 50% of the population here have concerns about losing their culture & language over time & of course there’s another 10% we could term as “rednecks”. (Yes! we have “those here too.)
    It would be a break through, if the other provinces would see the benefit of learning 2 languages and more, but they have steadfastly resisted bilingualism.
    I guess they’ll all show Quebec a thing or two…

    PS: The big “exodus” Tony refers to happened 37 years ago.. Why is he so adamant if he doesn’t live here…there are plenty of fights to fight for or against, in the west:
    Oil, lumber, taxes, environment, drug injection sites etc.

  12. 12

    littlepatti writes of “the benefit of learning two languages”。

    Sure。 But why French,an essentially useless and dying language whose status and importance is such only as a result of legislation?All other languages have
    their status in our culture as a result of the marketplace. Giving French official language status puts it in the enviable position of a protection that gives it an advantage that should disqualify it for any other special dispensations, which Bill 101 gives it.

    As to the benefits of learning a second language, of course that’s always a good thing…provided it is personal choice.

    And let’s rid ourselves of the notion that knowing the language of another culture in our society is something that brings harmony and peace…it does no such thing. To wit: the two peoples with the most murderous recent past are the Serbs and Croats and they share the same language: Serbo-Croatian.

    There is no “breakthrough” to learning two languages, particularly when one of those languages is really not necessary for anything other than to get government jobs or jobs in the private sector that human-righs violating legislation (ie, Bill 101) requires the use of that language.

    By all means, let’s have French as an official language, both federally and provincially (if only in Quebec and New Brunswick)。But anywhere else in society is simply none of the government’s business。

  13. 13

    Tony! Your red neck is showing!

  14. 14

    Not necessarily, Patti. Tony lives in Vancouver, where French is pretty much useless as a second language. Living here, one would be far better off to learn Mandarin (the Chinese business language), Farsi, Hindi, Punjabi, or Spanish.

    Why are taxpayer dollarts being spent on something no one uses?

  15. 15

    You are right, but if we could better foster a climate of learning, our children would be better off for it. Very few Canadians are bi-lingual, except for immigrants and I would like to encourage 3, 4, 5 languages. Language learning (like math) develops the brain. If you travel with 2 or 3 languages, you can always find another to communicate with. I loved the Netherlands. Most people there speak 5 languages. I understand that it gets easier: learn French & Spanish is easier. Learn English and German is easier. Asian is in a class alone, and certainly should be taught the earliest. Kids can handle several languages at a time, from 1-5 years old.
    Here in Canada, we resist. I speak English & French, but I could have learned Czech from my Mom. At that time it just wasn’t “cool”. I also started Spanish, found it easy, but quit…and do you remember Latin?
    “Too soon old, too late smart.”
    BTW: Many private day care centers in Ontario, have Chinese being taught. Those babies are awesome!
    The young generation sees it clearly and want opportunities given to them but we are stuck arguing about French & English….
    I have known many people who went West to work for large corporations where they use French and it was a winning skill. On a resume it’s a plus anytime.

  16. 16

    “Red necks” are associated with the Deep South of the U.S. where intolerance was the norm, segregating blacks from whites. It connotes intolerance, hate, xenophobia.

    Bill 101 segregates Quebecers. It also promotes one ethnic group over all others。 It promotes intolerance and division amongst people both
    in letter of the law and in its effects upon the population。Thus, people like me who oppose Bill 101 and its hate are the antithesis of “redneckism” and I take offense at being associated with the term.

    Those of you who accept and/or support Bill101‘s existence without complaint are more deserving of the “red neck” moniker。

    Other than governmental services, freedom of speech and freedom of association governs what language I speak at home, work, and play. Bill 101 infringes upon these freedoms in numerous ways. It must be repealed in its entirety.

    As for French being a dying language, I was specifically referring to French IN Quebec. Indeed, if French wasn’t dying, why the need for Bill 101? Let the marketplace decide who speaks what language, not the government, not the majority. Indeed, charters of rights guarantee indiidual freedoms SPECIFICALLY to counter the effect of majorities and their tyranny through the legislative process.

    Our charters of rights — both the Quebec and Canadian versions — are embarrassments that do NOT work. It is time for the hate law/race law Bill101 join the dust bin of history。

  17. 17

    “It connotes intolerance, hate, xenophobia.”

    I think the term fits you perfectly, Tony. When you get on the subject of Bill 101 and the Sherbrooke Accord you can’t see any possible view point but your own and you launch into a tirade every time.
    Why is that? You don’t live here.
    You really should channel that angry energy elsewhere, it’s destructive, (makes wrinkles) 🙂

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