Thomas Mulcair wants to become leader of the NDP.  He also wants to become prime minister of Canada.

But there is a little problem.  Mulcair holds dual citizenship – French and Canadian.  Should you become prime minister of one country when you owe allegiance to another.  To become the citizen of another country is automatically to lose one’s citizenship in Denmark or Japan or Norway.

Somebody may say, “What does it matter.?”

What matters is Canada.  Should we be willing to put aside other competing commitments – that we put our own country first and foremost.  When JFK called upon Americans to ask “what you can do for your country” he did not mean them to ask, “Which one?”

Surely that is something we should ask of those who want to lead us – that they give up competing and foreign regimes.

A candidate for party leader is expected to give up any previous party affiliations.  Should it be different for a candidate for prime minister?  He asks us to choose him.  Is it too much to ask that he choose us – pure and simple?

Should Mulciar drop his French citizenship?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    What was your position on this matter with Stephane Dion, Neil?

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    I don’t thi nk I had a position on this matter with Dion. I should add that nobody can force Mulcair to put Canada first if he doesn’t want to.

  3. 3

    Duel citizenship is usually a Birth Right and it is a privilege. I am sure that if Mulcair HAD to make a choice, he would choose Canada. He shouldn’t have to give that up to be Prime Minister.

    It just occurred to me that here in Quebec, we have suffered through having a political party that’s sole purpose was to remove my Birth Right & for that matter, everyone else’s across Canada.

  4. 4

    In this multicultural era many of us have dual citizenship. It occurs quite naturally if you are born in another country and emigrate here. Also, many Europeans make a point of getting citizenship in Britain or another nation in the Union so that they can get an EU passport, very handy for young people who want to work abroad for a few years or older people who want the convenience of moving freely through Europe on holiday.
    I doubt if many people consider that having dual citizenship means that you have competing allegiances. I was born in the US, made use of my dual citizenship when I was young and needed only a birth certificate to visit the States, and have absolutely no American sympathies!

  5. 5

    I can’t even believe this is being discussed。Of course he must give up his French citizenship!How can you run a country with divided loyalties?

    Littlepatti:you suffered through a political party whose sole purpose was to remove your birthright?And then you went out and voted for the NDP whose formal policy is to enable an illegal secession of Quebec from Canada!

  6. 6

    “I doubt if many people consider that having dual citizenship means that you have competing allegiances.”

    And I doubt that they don’t!

    Dual citizenship is out of the question for elected officials! If dual citizenship is that important to them, then they should not try to be leaders of the citizens of one of those countries, especially when it could lead to conflicts of interest!

    Don’t forget that, as a citizen of a country, you are subject to that country’s laws. And if the laws in those countries are at odds on any particular issue, you would be put in an impossible position of conflict. How interesting it would be to have a prime minister of Canada put in jail in France for something that is perfectly legal in Canada, yet illegal over there…or vice versa!

  7. 7
    Jim Says:

    Didn’t Michelle Jean have a dual with Haiti being party of the second part.

  8. 8

    Hi Tony, Nice of you to remember that I said I voted for the NDP last time. Here were my choices: A BLOC-er who has been our MP with no teeth for years. An unheard of, Conservative candidate that looked like a reject from The Vampire Diaries-How could I trust someone who would approve his photo/poster, and furthermore…a Steven Harper Conservative? and A Liberal candidate who didn’t have a prayer.
    My vote got rid of the BLOC!… You can thank me now.

    Here’s a nightmare scenario: Before the election, I was so disenchanted that I considered running for the NDP, just to skew the vote. I am well know around here, having served the community as Pres. Chamber of Commerce, etc. As it turned out, much to our shock & awe, I would have won.
    I would be in Ottawa now! With a job! (a 175M per year job) OMG! Last thing in the world I want, but I couldn’t have backed out of it. I will NEVER entertain thoughts like that ever, ever… but I promise you I would have worked to strike down the Sherbrooke accord.
    Good question: “How can you run a “Province” with divided loyalties”? Ask Pauline & Gilles.

  9. 9
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Yes, Michaeel Jean had dual citizenship but she dropped the foreign part after she was named governor-general.

  10. 10

    Littlepatti asks:

    “Good question: “How can you run a “Province” with divided loyalties”? Ask Pauline & Gilles.”

    Better to ask Jean Charest。With Pauline and Gilles I know where I stand。Ido NOT know where Istand with any of the crypto-separatists in the Liberal Party of Quebec。

  11. 11

    Are you implying that Jean Charest is a separatist? No, he is not.
    Politics:very strange. Jean Charest wanted to be Prime Minister of Canada and almost did it. If he had just hung in there when it looked impossible… I don’t think he ever liked being Premier of Quebec and it shows. Our loss.

  12. 12

    No,I am not “implying“ that Jean Charest is a separatist,Littlepatti。

    I am saying it outright。

  13. 13

    Well I have to take out the “big guns” to counter your argument.
    My family name is Charest.
    That’s all I have to say.

  14. 14

    That’s all you have to say? That your family name is “Charest”?

    What makes you think Charest is NOT a separatist? Consider:

    1) Charest and his party support, in its entirety, the hate law/race law Bill 101;

    2) Bill 150 is still on the books, a law which his party — the Liberal Party of Quebec — created. Read it, particularly the preamble.

    3) Charest’s government continues the policies of previous Quebec governments – both PQ and Liberal — which, to say the least, is not “Canada friendly”.

    4) Charest is hard-pressed to EVER say anything positive about Canada and federalism. When he does — which is rare — it is usually when he, Charest, is low in the polls and is in all likelihood contemplating making a switch back to federal politics and pursue his goal of becoming Prime Minister so that he can point back to when he said something positive about Canada as proof that he is pro-Canada. It’s complete bullshit,littlepatti; actions speak louder than words.

    Jean Charest and his Liberal government has rarely, if ever, acted in the best interests of Canada and Canadian unity. He is a separatist and acts like a separatist. If you have some family connection to him then all that tells us, littlepatti, is that blood is thicker than water and that it colours your impression of him.

    It is to the great shame of both the non-francophone and pro-Canada communities of Quebec that they continually vote for this man and his party.

    There are two types of separatists in this province: honest separatists (the PQ) and dishonest separatists (the Liberal Party of Quebec).

  15. 15

    It may come as a surprise to some, but government must represent EVERYONE and not just those who line up on their political side. That’s the Canadian way, which is a bit unlike the USA who can afford to pander to their side only.
    Of course there are some favourites- re: Tony Clement’s gazebo, but my roads are being paved and my concerns are being addressed.

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