This year Canadians were asked what resolutions they really wanted to commit to:

Lose weight 26 per cent; Save more money 16 per cent; Have a better sex life 12 per cent; Be nicer to friends and family 10 per cent;  Get a better job 9 per cent; None.  I’m not making resolutions 27 per cent.  What about socially conscious resolutions: Choose organic meat or eggs the next time you shop.  Just one time and already you are  healthier, the animals are happier and the environment is cleaner.  Or turn down the thermostat and throw an extra layer on to compensate.  You’ve saved money, fought climate change and made Grandma happy because you’re wearing the sweater she made.

Do you plan any New Year’s resolutions?

Do New Year’s resolutions make any sense?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    i`m very curious about how one resolves to have a better sex life. It usually involves a second party.

    No, I don`t believe in resolutions. If it`s worth doing, it`s worth starting right away. Besides, most things require a buliding up of habits-healthier lifestyle means eating ,exercise,not smoking.and so forth. The same for other serious changes

  2. 2

    First on my list: find a way to pass a law making the possession (or worse, the use) of vuvuzelas illegal in a residential neighborhood! LOL!

    But seriously. No, I don’t see the point of resolutions on only one day a year. If it’s worth doing — or if it’s important enough — do it NOW. If it can wait, it will likely fail.

  3. 3
    Barbara Says:

    The gyms are always crowded in the new year. Drops off within six weeks, though.

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Which reminds me to resolve to go to exercise class here at the
    Manoir five mornings a week for half an hour a session.

  5. 5

    I always resolve to lose weight. It works… in principle! It’s been working for as long as I can remember. I lose 15 -25 lbs. Jan-Feb-Mar, and then regain it in the balance of the year.
    What would happen if I gave it up?
    So once again: I resolve to lose weight. Thank you.

  6. 6
    Stéphanie P. Says:

    Je ne crois pas vraiment aux résolutions mais je choisi d’utiliser cette illusion de renouveau, de profiter du moment d’une année terminer pour visualiser celle à venir. Je pourrais trouver une raison de prendre des résolutions les 364 autres jours de l’année, mais tout va si vite. Ce temps d’arrêt durant la période des Fêtes est un moment opportun pour rationner un peu mon quotidien.

    C’est année mes résolutions :
    Prendre le temps de voir ce qui m’entoure et avoir des moments de plaisirs.

    Par ce qui m’entoure, j’entends : être mieux informé, ne pas voir seulement ce qui m’est présenter mais aller plus loin, être plus alerte.

    Par plaisirs, j’attends : Avoir le longues conversations avec des êtres chers, faire des activitées extérieures, avoir de bonnes soirées entres amis.

    En fait ce que l’on peut voir comme résolutions est un peu ce que l’on voudrait améliorier lorsque bilan est fait. Je n’ai pas besoin du nouvel an pour le faire mais la pause du quotidien m’aide.

  7. 7
    bluemoosebicycle Says:

    Reblogged this on Exchange and commented:

    Happy 2015. Here is blog from Neil in 2012

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