According to  the Canadian news people the top news story of the past year was the death of NDP leader Jack Layton.  This was followed by the visit to Canada of Prince  William and Kate;  the Vancouver hockey riots;  the federal election; Occupy protests;  Canada leaving Afghanistan and pulling out of the Kyota treaty.

Do you agree with any of the above choices?

Do you have another choice – not necessarily a national story.

What about a story in your neighborhood or in your own family?

The biggest story of the year for Catharine and me was putting our house up for sale (it took only 16 days) and moving into a seniors’ residence on the edge of Westmount Park which we did on September 23.  We are getting more and more comfortable here.  A good move.

What’s your top story of 2011?


  1. 1
    Cate McB Says:

    My top news story for 2011 was waking up one morning with no sight in my left eye except shadows and white blobs coming from surrounding lights.

    Thankfully, it was “only” a cataract. My first thought was — A completely mature cataract at my age??? I learned that anyone at any age and at any time can develop a cataract and in younger people, they can mature over days and weeks instead of years as in the case of older people.

    The good news was & is that the wonders of cataract surgery and the insertion of an intraocular lens brought great sight!!

  2. 2

    The top story,for my money, was and is the Arab uprisings.This has the potential to turn things upside down in the mid east. It will be quite a while before it reaches any conclusion..

    And Neil good luck with your move.It must have been quite a decision.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Kate, Am really glad the eye problem cleared up so well.

    philsfancy, It was a big decision but it has turned out just fine. We are very comfortable in our new digs.

  4. 4

    Hi Neil- What a huge change in your lives. Enjoy!
    We all need to give some thought to downsizing as we age.
    Part of that, is downsizing the mind, realizing what is important & necessary and what has to go. Climbing ladders, mowing, painting, repairs and cleaning, entertaining & cooking for 50 guests! Letting go of our comfy ruts, that we’ve earned. I “discovered” ironing after I retired. In years to come I’ll have to give up my little refuge in the basement and move it all upstairs.
    I promised my husband I would learn to garden with him when I retired… I lied.
    “La troisieme age.” It’s wonderful, and I am so grateful for every single day, but I know that there are some tough days and decisions ahead.
    Having said that, I know I have the courage to face it all.

  5. 5
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    No hanky-panky with what must be an abundance of widows in that senior home, Neil.

  6. 6

    What the “h” kind of a comment is that? Neil is married to Catharine and I am certain that he’s not interested in hanky-panky with widows.
    What were you thinking, Tony? Please apologize.

  7. 7

    Patti, get a sense of humor, willya? It was a joke. Neil knows it was a joke.

  8. 8

    THAT was not funny in my book- and I am pretty sure, not in Catharine’s book either. Poor taste, then again I’m sure no one has ever accused you of having good taste.
    And why do you slip into the “willya” “whydoncha”, every time you don’t have a logical argument? Strange…

  9. 9

    So you don’t think it was funny? Then don’t laugh. Everyone else does not share your tight sense of propriety.

    As for what Catherine thinks, you’d have to ask her, not speak for her. My bet is that she’d get quite a giggle from it. Neil? What does she think?

    And why do you call everyone else’s taste, “poor?” It’s just different. No need to be insulting.

    As for my speech pattern, it’s called vernacular. You can look it up.

  10. 10

    In poor taste? Only yours…it’s so pitifully evident.
    And why would it be considered “funny” to insult Neil, his wife and widows?
    Not everyone is out trolling.
    I think that Tony slipped up. He would admit it. Why do you need to get into it?
    Or maybe it’s different in Vancouver?

  11. 11

    Tony was NOT insulting Catherine, Neil, or anyone else. If you had ever met him and talked to him, you’d know that. But you’re right, I don’t need to get into it. Why don’t you ask him? He’s a big boy, now, and can speak for himself.

    Tony? Would you be so kind as to grace us with your presence…? Patti wants to scold you.

    And from “poor” to “pitiful?” LOL! Do you need help finding insults?

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